Blueberry, Strawberry, Apple Smoothie

Apparently, I have become addicted to smoothies. No matter what’s in the house — and usually there’s not much since neither my husband nor I like to grocery shop — lately, all I want are smoothies. Here’s my latest.

Blend in blender:

  • Frozen blueberries - about 1/3 + a bit more
  • Frozen strawberries - one handful + 2 
  • Natural applesauce - about 4 oz (I threw in one of my kids’ snack cups)
  • Spinach - one large handful
  • Raw cashew nut butter - about 2 Tbsp (Cashews would work, too)
  • Vanilla almond milk - to desired thickness

I’ve always been dubious about adding spinach to smoothies, but you really cannot taste it at all. It’s certainly a great way for me to get my leafy greens without having to eat them.

Diabetics: I estimate this at 4 carb servings.